**Before applying the liner, please make sure eyelids are clean. Wash eyelids from any dirt, sweat or oil; for best result, use a non-oil-based primer. **


Step 1:

If needed, you can trim the magnetic eyelash from the outer edge to fit your natural eye shape.


Step 2-

Wipe excess eyeliner from the applicator. Apply a layer of magnetic eyeliner/adhesive liner onto your lash line. Make sure there is an even coat across the entire area you wish for the lash to sit. Let the eyeliner dry completely.


Step 3-

Apply magnetic eyelash starting from the inner corner. Push down, gently securing the magnet/strip lash in place. Pinch and adjust eyelash as you need; keep close to the roots of your natural eyelashes.



Removing/Cleaning Eyelashes

**Always remove eyelash and eyeliner before sleeping. **


Slowly remove eyelash from the corner and wipe away the eyeliner using the Beewitched cleansing oil on a cotton pad or Q-Tip for effectiveness.

Use any cleanser to remove any excess oil on eyelids.

Use a non-oil-based cleanser to clean the magnets on the false eyelashes or tweezers (be very gentle). Set the eyelashes back in the tray to maintain shape.